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Do One Thing believes that companies need to stand for more in the world than just making profit, and that by doing so they become stronger, more effective, and more successful businesses. We are a small consultancy working with progressive companies in India to help them become more purposeful and delivering meaningful social impact and business value in the process. We are looking for a Strategy Director and Partner who can lead DOT to new levels of success.

Our Strategy Director will be Do One Thing’s inspiration and knowledge driver, enabling us to deliver the innovative solutions and effective thought-leadership and keeping us at the forefront of responsible business. The role will break down into several areas of responsibility.

1. Management
You will form part of the leadership team driving Do One Thing forward.
•       Working with the Managing Director in developing strategic annual growth plans and guiding the future of Do One Thing as a business
•       Contributing to management of resource and ensuring we have the right talent in the building
•       Building processes and systems to ensure that every project is delivering strategically and that our team is thinking strategically at all times
•       As an equity partner you will also be jointly accountable for the financial success of the company including our profitability, financial structures, and growth targets

2. Strategic Oversight and Knowledge
You’ll be our knowledge base and will be expected to have strategic oversight across all client projects at all times.
•       Ensuring you are on a continuous learning curve and have your finger on the pulse of all aspects of purposeful business and social impact through reading, ad hoc meetings with sector leaders, attending conferences/events, undertaking self-learning and courses etc.
•       Maintaining oversight of all client projects we are working on, ensuring that we are delivering sound and intelligent strategy on every project, and are delivering.
•       Creating measurement structures for our own work to ensure that we are delivering tangible business benefits for out clients and building a body of case studies in the process.
•       Building a knowledge bank for Do One Thing pulling from external sources and internal knowledge, ensuring that we have the right inputs on hand for every project.

Project Leadership
Some of our one-off project are strategically led, such as sector reports and impact evaluations and you will take responsibility for delivering them with the assistance of a Project Manager.
•       Discussing the scope and remit of the project with the client and defining a contractual scope of work
•       Detailing staffing needs and timelines to create a fee structure for the project
•       Being the point of contact for clients and working collaboratively to on-board them at every stage
•       Accountability for delivering the project on time and within budget (with the assistance of a project manager)

Thought leadership
•       Working with our PR and comms manager to drive and write story ideas for press
•       Being an active presence on our blog and building a library of short-form opinion pieces
•       Developing proposals for industry research and setting up smart partnerships to co-fund and/or co-deliver them
•       Drive new business relationships within strategic projects such as research

Who we’re looking for
Our ideal Strategy Director will be entrepreneurial and ideas-focused strategic thinker with 8-12 years experience in purposeful business, sustainability, CSR, impact investment, social enterprise or a related field. It’s critical that you believe in the power of business to transform societies for good and have a point of view on how to do it better!
You’ll need to be ready for the challenge of running and growing a small business. Management experience and an understanding of how to create profitable business models, particularly in a consultancy or knowledge-based business will be an advantage.
You will also be an avid information hunter with your finger on the pulse of the latest trends in impact and purposeful business and be able to inspire teams and clients with new thinking and innovative ideas.
More important than your experience we are looking for someone with the right qualities and skills to join our team.
•       Strategic and creative thinker
•       Inquisitive and ready to challenge the status quo
•       Entrepreneurial with an enthusiasm for growing a small business
•       Eager to innovate within purposeful business
•       Inspiring leader for internal teams
•       Powerful spokesperson for Do One Thing
•       Un-phased by ambiguity and working in unchartered territory
•       Deep understanding of the complex challenges of creating positive impact through business
•       Management of P&L and driving revenue, ideally in a consulting or knowledge services business
•       Ability to positively lead a team and an organisation
•       Understanding of research techniques (qual and quant) and ability to write formal research proposals as well as plan Monitoring & Evaluation for programmes
•       Gravitas to deal directly with C-Suite level at some of India’s biggest companies
•       Confidence in navigating corporate structures and financial/management terminology
•       Ability to develop strategic proposals that breakdown complex projects into logical steps
•       Ability to develop measures and evaluations that show causal impact, utilising common methods and developing your own frameworks
•       Great communicator, writer, and storyteller
•       Fast, efficient and productive, able to set and manage own work load
•       Organised and able to keep teams and clients updated

We are looking for someone who understands Indian business, socio-economic, and political landscapes as this is an integral part of the role. However we are open to brilliant candidates from outside India. Most important is your ability and commitment to drive Do One Thing and the notion of responsible business in India forward.

Remuneration will be offered as a combination of salary and significant equity, meaning you will share in the success that you help to create.