Summer Internship

Bogota, Colombia
Job Type
2 month internship
Deadline for Applications
Where to Apply

The summer intern will have the opportunity to use your quantitative and research skills to generate and disseminate knowledge about the impact and potential of Results-Based Financing in international development. Their work will be critical to the success of our efforts to educate policy and decision makers on how to best apply these RBF instruments in different contexts. He/she will think of solutions to problems that do not yet have answers.

Tasks may include:
– Develop from scratch components of RBF instruments, assessing the considerations and
trade-offs unique to each design;
– Evaluate past experiences of RBF projects to understand design implications for our services and make recommendations for improvements;
– Actively improve our RBF services by contributing to our knowledge management base and
proposing revisions based on past experience;
– Articulate complex technical concepts into easy-to-understand and actionable insights for
external stakeholders;
– Synthesize and deliver findings in a polished form that adds value;
– Conduct qualitative & quantitative due diligence.

Additional Information

Apply and send both CV and prompts to the following email:
Deadline applications: February 20th