Supply Chain Manager

Bamako, Mali
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Work with direct reports and programming leads to strengthen the pipeline and supply chain management plan. Manage the determination of procurement and logistics service requirements, desired specifications and delivery schedules, and how sourcing strategies are defined, ensuring coordination and communication.
Ensure transparency of all supply chain operations in compliance with myAgro and country regulations, and international and local requirements.
Manage talent and oversee a team. Assess performance to ensure capacity for successful support of high-quality teams.
Implement a strategic procurement process to identify, assess, select and contract suppliers to achieve the maximum value for money to our organization. In close coordination with the procurement team oversee relationships with important suppliers and assess supplier performance.
Manage logistical infrastructure, storage facilities and transportation resources. Oversee application of systems for inventory and commodity transportation, warehousing, and distribution, and for vehicle management to ensure handling and safeguarding of assets. Ensure related safety and security protocols are implemented.
Oversee inventory control and the management of comprehensive goods tracking and record keeping systems throughout the whole supply chain cycle, from time of request until time of delivery. Ensure submission of multiple reports