Supply Chain Specialist – Honey, Chia, Quinoa & Other

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Oakland, CA
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Fair Trade USA, a four-time winner of Fast Company Magazine’s Social Capitalist award, is an internationally-renowned social enterprise that promotes sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. Founded in 1998, we are the leading independent third-party certifier of Fair Trade products in the United States. Our unique market-based model for sustainability links millions of farming families in the developing world to leading U.S. and global companies through more direct, equitable trading partnerships. Fair Trade empowers working and farming families to improve their living standards while protecting the environment. At the same time, it strengthens global supply chains and makes sustainability a driver of profitability for the business community. To date, we have channeled over $400 million in additional income to hardworking farmers and workers around the world.

As a member of the Supply Chain team at Fair Trade USA, you will have one of the most meaningful, rewarding, and impactful jobs in the world of social enterprise!

The Specialist will work with farmers and traders in Latin America, training them to understand and implement Fair Trade standards so that we transform farming communities. The Specialist will position Fair Trade USA as a leader in impact, looking for ways to improve our program and better serve farmers and the environment in our mission to create sustainable livelihoods for farmers.  He or she will be the go to resource on what is it like to be a farmer, what issues they face, and what Fair Trade does to help.

The Specialist will complete much of their work from our main offices in Oakland, California, but some travel (~10%), primarily to Latin America, is required.

Responsibilities include:
– Certifying new Fair Trade producer groups, primarily in Latin America (cocoa, honey, agave, etc)
– Maintaining strong relationships with certified farmers so we are confident Fair Trade is helping them, and we’re able to articulate how
– Establishing Fair Trade program elements for new commodities (e.g., Fair Trade pricing rules)

Our ideal candidate:
– Believes deeply that our current approach to the planet and its people doesn’t work, and wants to make things better
– Has first-hand experience working in the developing world, ideally with farmers or workers
– Communicates as confidently and effectively with farmers as they do with business leaders
– Is great at conceiving of new ways we can generate even greater impact to the farmers we serve and then carrying those ideas through execution
– Can work independently, learn quickly, and get projects done in an innovative, fast-paced and rapidly-changing environment
– But recognizes that getting things done means playing well with others, so you’re a great coalition builder, whether with people on your team, in other departments, in the fields (which includes speaking Spanish), or in the business world

If this describes you, we’d love to meet!

Additional Information

Please submit both a resume and a cover letter to the attention of Laura Keen, Supply Chain Manager, CPG, via Fair Trade USA’s website: