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Nyamata/Kigali, Rwanda
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At EarthEnable, we believe that our clients deserve our very best, that morning high-fives are the best way to start the day, and that the best ideas could come from any part of the company. We celebrate each other’s wins, learn from our setbacks, and are deeply proud of the impact we make every day. We believe that a clean, dust-free floor means more than living in a healthy home.  It means pride and dignity in the place our customers most treasure: their homes. Being a part of our team means more than building floors: it means building an organization and building a better future for rural families.
What We Do
EarthEnable is transforming the way people live, by making homes healthier for families across rural Rwanda. 80% of Rwandans live in homes with dirt floors which are dusty, unsanitary, and fertile breeding grounds for parasites and germs. While replacing a dirt floor with concrete has significant health benefits (e.g. reducing diarrhea by 50% and parasitic infections by 80%), concrete is unaffordable for many who need it.
EarthEnable addresses this pressing and ubiquitous problem by selling high-quality, earthen floors that are 80% cheaper than concrete with 90% less embedded energy. Earthen floors are already prevalent in modern homes in the United States and are composed of natural materials (gravel, clay, sand, and laterite). EarthEnable trains and hires local masons to install the floors which are sealed using a proprietary drying oil that makes them waterproof, strong, and polished. In our first 3 years of operations, EarthEnable has installed over 400,000 square feet of flooring and employed over 100 Rwandese staff (and generated jobs and income for an additional 100 masons).
About the Role
We have a functioning Salesforce system up and running, and are now looking for a Systems Fellow who can both support its continuous development as quickly as we grow and our operational model evolves!  This person will both code from the office and get their hands dirty in the field, while coaching a local team in systems design and development.
•       Evaluate how well systems are functioning by evaluating the reality in the field compared to the information in the systems
•       Proactively seek out and identify needed system changes based on changes in our operational model or strategy or new initiatives, guided by visits to field operations
•       Identify the data that may improve operational efficiency and design systems that capture this information
•       Handle ongoing customization/ alteration of, designing and developing new applications as needed
•       Create and maintain fields, views, reports, dashboards, campaigns and other objects and functions, creating custom objects when necessary.
•       Coach and support teammates in utilizing Salesforce (including running reports, and creating new dashboards)
•       Create dashboards that report sales, operations, and financial data to the management team
•       Excellent understanding of relational databases, ideally significant experience with
•       Desire to live, work, and travel around East Africa, including to extremely remote villages
•       Excellent analytical skills
•       Advanced proficiency in Excel
•       Hard working and gritty to push through challenges
•       Flexible and adaptable to changing environments; thrives in a bootstrapped culture
•       Ability to work on a variety of tasks at the same time
•       Excitement about coaching and capacity building
•       Passionate about international development and social enterprise
•       Entrepreneurial attitude, creative problem solver, patient team-player with a sense of humor
•       Degree in computer science or database management a plus, but not required