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Job Description: Financial education content for farmer groups in Tanzania


Fundación Capital (FK) is an international social enterprise that works primarily with national governments and private sector partners to co-create strategies for asset-building at scale for people living in poverty. Since 2009, FK has established formal relationships with 12 governments in Latin America and the Caribbean, supporting them through the design and implementation of financial inclusion programs and strategies. We seek to align public policy, market mechanisms and advances in digital technology, so that through our work, we enable millions of poor families to live their ambitions and decide for themselves how to manage, grow and invest their resources.

In 2014, FK’s efforts were recognized with the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship, which also provided support to expand beyond Latin America and work in Africa and Asia, with the goal of reaching 25 million poor individuals and their families in 22 countries worldwide by 2020.

A grant from the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), aimed at enhancing the financial inclusion and livelihood components within IFAD country operations, is at the design stage. One of the countries covered within this grant is Tanzania, with an ongoing Marketing Infrastructure, Value Addition and Rural Finance Support Programme (MIVARF) project based in Arusha. The goal of the project is to reduce rural poverty and accelerate economic growth on a sustainable basis.

FK intends to help strengthen the financial capabilities of productive farmer groups which have been formed within this project, by providing the members with financial education that is relevant and practical.


Building on the background information collected from (1) a desk review on the financial inclusion of smallholder farmers in Tanzania and (2) qualitative research from selected MIVARF farmer groups, the consultant will co-create content to deliver financial education to members of the farmer groups.

Taking into consideration the potential channels for delivery (SMS, tablets, radio, mass media, etc.), the content of the financial education program will need to be tailored to the capacities and capabilities of the members of the farmer groups. Therefore, FK requires a specialist who will incorporate various teaching methods to co-create new content with the stakeholders (MIVARF staff, service providers and group members) to meet the financial education needs of the farmer groups, as groups and as individuals. The consultant will conduct studies in the field, including focus group discussions, interviews, and image and language tests to validate the design and ensure that the content created generates effectively and efficiently changes in the financial perceptions and behavior of members of farmer groups. The desired behavior change over a one year period includes increased financial knowledge (e.g. awareness of available financial services, their advantages and disadvantages), new financial practices (e.g. budgeting), the use of financial services such as mobile-money, and increased levels of saving.


The consultant will conduct part of this assignment in the field, interacting with MIVARF staff, service providers and the farmer groups. The work will be directly supervised by FK’s Head of Operations in Tanzania. The process and deliverables will be reviewed by a team of experienced FK staff, including FK’s Lead Education Specialist based in Colombia, who will provide advice and guidance. The scope of work includes the following:

•       Participate in the qualitative research on the needs assessment of members of farmer groups.

•       Develop field research tools to test and validate financial education content taking into consideration the selected channel.

•       Co-create financial education content with stakeholders using the field research tools.

•       Produce a complete set of financial education content (e.g. storyboards with images and language for a tablet-based application).

•       Prepare an implementation plan for delivering the content.

•       Draft supporting documents for necessary training to deliver the content which will be dependent on the selected channel (e.g. training of trainers).


This assignment is expected to commence in April 2016 and be completed by the end of June 2016. The following will be the deliverables of the project:

•       Field research tools (interview and focus group discussion guides, image and language tests, etc.) to test and validate the financial education content.

•       Results from field research translated into English.

•       A complete set of financial education content based on the selected delivery channel in Kiswahili and English.

•       An implementation plan for delivering the content.

•       Supporting documents for necessary training to deliver the content.


The project is expected to be conducted by a lead consultant and may include assistants. The lead consultant is expected to meet the following professional criteria:

•       Bachelor’s degree in education, communications or similar areas (social sciences, business, humanities or economics).

•       Experience conducting field work with people living in poverty.

•       Experience designing educational content for rural adults and the poor.

•       Experience adapting training content and interactive audiovisual systems.

•       Familiarity with the use of technology for learning (e-learning), the use of technology for development and mobile banking.

•       Demonstrated sensitivity and adaptability to different cultural environments, gender, religion, race, nationality and age.

•       Excellent verbal and written proficiency in Kiswahili and English.

•       Ability to travel to rural locations in Tanzania.


The proposal must provide evidence of the technical capacity of the consultant or team to undertake this exercise. This includes the capacity to deliver the results in the timeframe provided, as well as an overview of prior experience in creating educational content for a similar target population. Experience in the financial inclusion field would be an asset.

Number of days to be spent on each task or activity should be specified by team member. Daily rates should be clearly stated, as should any ancillary costs related to carrying out the assignment. Please include relevant work samples. As part of the proposal, the consultant should complete the storyboard exercise attached in the annex.

Proposals must be submitted by email to: by 3 April 2016. Selection of the consultant should be completed by 13 April 2016.

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