Technical Assistant for Public-Private Partnerships

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Job Description: The Technical Assistant for Public-Private Partnerships with the Ministry of Health (MOH) will help us to identify and pursue important partnership opportunities, as well as implement them effectively. The Technical Assistant will work across teams to plan, execute, and follow up on external partnerships according to the external partnerships process. As we continue to explore additional partnerships to expand our impact, it is critical that the aspects of our work around delivering external trainings are aligned to our goals as well as our health sector strategic growth.

The goal of the Ministry of Health is to provide and continually improve health services to the Rwandan population through the provision of preventive, curative, and rehabilitative healthcare thereby contributing to the reduction of poverty and enhancing the general well-being of the population.

This position is part of the Global Health Corps fellowship. Global Health Corps (GHC) is a leadership development organization focused on building the next generation of diverse, disruptive global health leaders. Founded in 2009, we competitively recruit talented professionals (ages 21-30) from a range of sectors and backgrounds and place them in high-impact roles within partner organizations — including Clinton Health Access Initiative, Partners in Health, Planned Parenthood Global, and Government Ministries in Zambia, Rwanda, and Uganda — working on the front lines of health equity in Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda, the US, and Zambia.

Essential Duties / Responsibilities:
Lead in formulating strategies and operational programs for private sector engagement and public private partnership promotion (PPP) promotion
Participate in the preparation of Country Partnership Strategy (CPSs) and annual business plans, and economic, thematic, and sector work undertaken by sector divisions
Conduct policy dialogue with development partners, the private sector, and other stakeholders to identify and address challenges to scaling up private sector development
Actively support the development and financing of demonstration projects which apply innovative PPP approaches
Develop technical assistance (TA) projects to improve the investment climate and facilitate mobilization of private sector participation and financing
Liaise and coordinate with development partners and private sector financiers on co-financing for PPPs
Support and follow the gradual implementation of activities related to the strengthening of the Public-Private Partnership
Be involved in any activity related to PPP in consultation with all the GOR institutions, such as MOH, the Ministry of Economics and Finance, the Rwanda Development Board, etc.
Support and monitor the implementation of PPP projects in the sector that have been identified to bring significant returns in regard to the promotion of medical tourism in country
Knowledge Sharing:
Promote application of innovative PPP structures and approaches within the Department
Advise on the financial risks in implementing PPPs and identify necessary mitigating and corrective actions
Act as resource person on financial structuring related issues, including helping to resolve complex financial structuring issues

Skills and Experience
Items indicated with an asterisk (*) are required:
Bachelor’s degree*
Preferred: Bachelor’s or master’s degree in economics, health economics, business administration, finance, or public-private policy with at least 2 years of  experience in the administration of health services
Work experience in health systems (public or private) which includes the areas of planning, organization, coordination, supervision, and/or monitoring and evaluation*
Ability to analyse, understand, and interpret statistical information*
Good report and writing skills*
Professional proficiency with ICT (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Database)*
Good knowledge in public health, particularly in the organization of a national health system and its components
Combined work experience in the public and private health sectors
Experience in project cycle management within an international cooperation framework
Proficient oral and written communication skills in French
Strong interpersonal skills with excellent ability to communicate, facilitate team work, network, and negotiate in a flexible and empathetic manner
Organizational and managerial skills, and ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines
Knowledge of the health sector in Rwanda and its structures
Ability to undertake professional activities using consultative and participatory approaches