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New Delhi, India
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Dimagi’s Technical Field Managers are the main drivers in implementing our technology all over the world. They share a passion for challenging experiences and developing solutions for trying environments that enable people to live healthier and more productive lives.

As a Technical Field Manager, you will dedicate your time to one of our ground-breaking, large-scale mHealth projects, which is transforming community health systems across multiple Indian states, in partnership with central and state governments. You will work with a diverse, collaborative, and international team. You will be based out of Delhi (where our office is located). You will work on creating and deploying mobile applications, based on our CommCare platform, for strengthening service delivery of front-line workforce.

You will join our global team of Field Managers and share lessons learned and expertise from around the world. You will receive regular mentorship and support from our office in New Delhi. Within your first two years, you will also have at least one opportunity to travel internationally, either to a different country office or for international project work.

In your first year at Dimagi, based on a combination of skills, interests, and opportunities, you will specialize in areas such as technical design and application development, quality assurance processes, and reporting functionalities on one of our large-scale projects.


Project needs assessments and technology requirements definition
Design of mHealth applications, bringing together the best combination of stakeholder inputs, field feedback, technical feasibility, and robust architectural principles
Preparation of detailed software specifications that convert design documents into practical instructions for CommCare application builders and for software engineers to build out requisite functionality
Building mHealth and eHealth systems using Dimagi’s flagship mHealth platform, CommCare, using CommCare’s application building tools
Development of software test plans, as well as load testing and quality assurance (QA) of our mobile tools
Explaining project matters to the technical team and technical matters to the project team
Building the capacity of the support team to address post deployment support matters
Technical documentation
Other project management and capacity building support

Skills & Requirements

Degree in computer science, engineering, information technology, or related – or equivalent work experience
Experience with XML, MySQL or other relational database, Excel, and Access
1 – 4+ years of work experience
Outstanding proactive oral and written communication skills
Reliable, self-directed, and resourceful
Able to juggle many things at once
Able to get things done
Flexible and able to wear many hats
Well organised and detail oriented
Interest in living in India in the medium or long term
Interested and able to work in a multi-cultural team distributed across the globe
Note that experience with software programming is NOT a requirement, since Dimagi tools allow applications to be built by system administrators through a user-friendly web interface.


Fluency in Hindi or other Indian languages is an asset
Quantitative data management and data analysis skills
Experience with the complete software development lifecycle
Experience working in India
Desire to make a social impact

Is this the right position for me?

The ideal candidate is interested in understanding what makes technology work in practice in low-resource settings. This person is able to self-organize and self-manage, thrives on the intricacy and challenge of application design and project management and functions at a high level when interacting with partners. This person is detail-oriented and comfortable with mobile tools, and, if she does not have software development experience already, has at least been exposed to the software development process. While we require a 24-month commitment for this position, employment at Dimagi is open ended.

All first-year Technical Field Managers receive a salary that covers their living expenses for the year, including food, housing, travel, and leisure activities, encouraging a ‘frugal but comfortable’ lifestyle. All project travel is also reimbursed. Upon strong performance in the first year, Field Managers will receive a significant salary increase in their second year, as well as have the option to take on increased responsibility in their long-term careers. Dimagi is very flexible in terms of growth and career progression, and is often able to accommodate people’s interests in defining their current and future roles.

Other job perks

Extensive onboarding.  This includes 2 weeks of training, followed by shadowing on existing projects, location depending on project availability.
Team Summits.  The entire team will get together at least annually to meet each other, discuss goals, debate strategy, and have some fun. Read about two field managers’ takes on summits in Cape Town and Dakar.
Do you like travel?  You will get unique opportunities to travel internationally within your first two years, either to a different country for project travel, to a different country office, or both.
If you are asked to move to a country that is not where you are from, you are eligible for one round-trip flight home per year, paid for by Dimagi.
Each year, you will get 30 days paid time off.
Health and travel insurance. Dimagi provides an employer-sponsored health insurance plan for Dimagi India staff and insurance on business trips.
Location: New Delhi, India

Additional Information

All interested candidates can apply through the following link: