Toilet Sales and Marketing Officer

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Sanivation is an award-winning social enterprise with a simple vision of a sustainable world where safe and dignified sanitation is a reality for everyone.  Currently in the Naivasha region, we install modern container-based toilets in peoples’ homes for free and charge a small monthly fee to service them. We have been developing the product and the service for over two years now, and now it’s time to grow.

We want to provide over 25% of the 150,000 residents in Naivasha an in-home toilet and waste collection service. We are seeking a new officer of sales and marketing to help us achieve that goal and increase safe sanitation coverage in this rapidly growing town.

The task of marketing sanitation is a challenge with new sanitation efforts worldwide though the health benefits of improved sanitation are well known. Offering in-home sanitation to families in Naivasha for the first time comes packed with challenges as well as opportunities. Sanivation is looking for a trained sales expert who has the passion, dedication, and creativity to figure out what is going to work here in Naivasha. We will then use those lessons learned here to replicate our model in other rapidly urbanizing areas.
This sales officer will be required to ensure consistent and profitable growth in our toilet client numbers through planning, deployment and management of activities and sales personnel.

•       Develop the sales strategy for increasing clients of our “Bluebox “
o       Review and revise sale strategy with sales leadership
o       Formulate all sales policies, practices and procedures.
o       Quarterly reviews of sales strategy, offering lessons learned and new methods to increase sales
•       Lead, recruit, train, manage, and motivate sales team
o       Recruit sales team in collaboration with Sanivation leadership
o       Establish and manage effective programs to compensate, coach, appraise and train sales personnel
o       Hold regular meetings with sales staff
o       Manage day-to-day performance of all sales team members and deliver reviews
o       Track sales team metrics and report data to leadership on a regular basis.
•       Manage toilet marketing to maximize sales revenues and meet company objectives
o       Perform sales activities with sales team
o       Budget marketing costs accurately and effectively
o       Accurately forecasts annual, quarterly and monthly growth
o       Coordinate company resources to ensure efficient and stable sales results

•       Degree or high level diploma
•       2 years of direct sales experience with references
•       Basic computer skills (word, email, excel)
•       Ready to relocate to Naivasha full time

This new position will be hired based on a skill set including:
•       Sales experience and ability
•       Management of sales team
•       Creativity
•       Self-motivation and initiative
•       Positive communication

To apply
If you think you could be a match send your resume along with references and a brief overview about why you’re passionate and qualified to with the subject Toilet Sales and Marketing Officer ASAP. If possible, we would like someone to start by April 1st.