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Interested candidates should send a cover letter, resume, and samples of previous design work to hr@themix.org with “UI/UX Designer Application” in the subject line.  If you are a firm applying for two roles, please note this clearly.
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MIX is the leading global data resource for socially responsible investors and businesses focused on inclusive finance. MIX’s catalytic data initiatives encourage the growth of inclusive markets and support informed thinking on the future of financial services. MIX convenes stakeholders to build common data standards that create transparency and develops strategic insight from complex data to help sectors flourish. Founded in 2002, MIX has served as a trusted data partner for socially responsible investors who move 10 billion USD annually.


Despite record levels of investment, evidence shows that it is still challenging to get capital to many fintech companies, including those targeting the 3 billion financially underserved people worldwide. Research indicates that this is due, in part, to a lack of information which makes it difficult for investors to identify and evaluate opportunities. RELAY is a forthcoming data solution from MIX that will bridge the information gap between fintech companies and investors and, in doing so, unlock capital for inclusive fintech innovations.


MIX is looking for a UI/UX designer to provide design direction for the prototype of our fintech data solution, RELAY. The prototype will use large data sets to deliver insights to fintech startups and investors, in support of our overall goal to drive capital to fintechs best placed to expand financial inclusion.

The UI/UX designer will be responsible for developing a design concept for comprehensive online solution for two primary audiences: (1) investors, who will need to navigate the prototype to discover relevant fintechs and to generate customized reports with relevant industry benchmarks and company comparables; and (2) fintech start-ups, who will need to access investor insights based on their own unique company details (in other words, Which investors are investing in start-ups like mine?).


PowerPoint or other document detailing the design concept which details the unifying aesthetic of the data solution prototype. Building from our existing brand, market research, and documentation, the design concept will cover the unifying aesthetic of the data solution prototype, including data visualization, navigation, style/motif, color schemes, layout, shapes, etc.

The document should include storyboards to illustrate how the prototype will support potential user journeys, allowing users to search, filter, view profiles, and generate insights and reports based on their specific interests.

3 to 4 initial wireframes to visualize the design concept and to support initial user testing.

2 iterations of the design concept, including storyboards and user journeys, based on user testing.

Documented feedback on messaging and prompts developed in coordination with MIX team members.

Documented feedback on user testing plan developed in coordination with MIX team members.

PowerPoint or other document with key tips, tools, and strategies for carrying forward the design concept (end of assignment). This will support work throughout the assignment with MIX Data Directors and Lead Analysts to ensure that the team can carry forward the design concept.


Proven UI/UX design experience, including creating user journeys and storyboards, especially as it relates information products and services.

Expertise with date visualization, especially within platforms such as PowerBI and Tableau.

Analytical approach that marries a deep understanding of design as it relates to allowing clients to answer questions and obtain insights from large data sets.

Knowledge sharing skills, with the ability to document processes and knowledge for others to replicate and refine.

Goal-oriented, problem solving attitude.

Flexible, adaptable to change.

A strong team player, ability to work remotely and contribute to and learn from other team members.

Understanding of the inclusive finance landscape and the role financial services play in achieving development goals is preferred.


Contract terms: The designer is expected to work an average of 20 hours per week for an expected tenure of 10 weeks, with greater LOE in the beginning and reduced LOE toward the end of the assignment. The designer is expected to be available for scheduled meetings with supervisors (based in Europe) and external actors when necessary.

This is a consulting position and the compensation will be based on the skills and experience of the designer.

The designer will work remotely.

Firms are welcome to apply for this position and may consider applying jointly along with the Analyst, Fintech Data Solution opening.

Expected Start date: March 23, 2020


MIX is a global organization with teams located around the globe with core functional teams located in New York, Washington DC, and Europe. This position will be remote.


The designer will report to the Director responsible for the fintech data solution who will be responsible for overall oversight and development of the prototype. The designer will work with MIX team members and external stakeholders engaged who will be engaged inform the design. The designer may interact directly with future users of the prototype as necessary in order to inform design and testing.

Additional Information

Interested candidates should send a cover letter, resume, and samples of previous design work to hr@themix.org with “UI/UX Designer Application” in the subject line.  If you are a firm applying for two roles, please note this clearly.