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American Refugee Committee
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Molly Henry

We are out to create a 21st Century humanitarian organization; we need a leader who will help us get there.

Today we are confronted with an unprecedented array of complex global challenges. Our institutions, largely shaped in the 20th century are struggling in the face of these problems. We believe that change is needed. We are starting with ourselves. At the American Refugee Committee we are on a mission to transform our work to be more human, impactful, relevant and authentic.

At our core we are optimistic. We see an unprecedented opportunity to bring an abundant world full of amazing people together to work on these hard problems. Will you join us?

Position Summary:
As VP, International Program you will lead our global programs and operations, incorporating more than ten countries, their offices and 1,800 staff. You will supervise business development across our multi/bilateral donor network, ensure program quality through our globally dispersed technical teams, and oversight our day-to-day operations in each of our country programs. You will report to the organization’s CEO, participate in strategy development as part of ARC’s Executive team, and represent the organization globally. You will work alongside our VP, Creative on the design and delivery of our brand promise to our beneficiaries, our staff and our donors.

You will be a proven leader, a high performer and a driven individual. Yet you should demonstrate empathy, humility and will know how to lead – and be part of a team.

•You will be responsible for ARC’s global operations and our growing portfolio of programs across more than 10 countries.
•You will lead the various Program departments responsible for operations, donor liaison, and business development.
•You will drive revenue creation and business development within the official development assistance donor landscape (bilateral and multilateral).
•You will lead a team devoted to increasing excellence in program implementation, quality and fulfillment.
•You will participate on the senior leadership team crafting strategy for the whole organization, and will shape strategy at country level, ensuring it aligns with the larger strategy.
•You will build a dynamic program team of high performers aligned within the larger team and purpose of ARC worldwide.
•You will represent ARC and the people we serve nationally, regionally and internationally, embodying our values, purpose and the dignity of those we work with.

Must have:
•Minimum ten years of progressive leadership within complex and/or multisite environments.
•Willingness and ability to travel to very difficult and often dangerous environments.
•An absolute commitment to teams and team building, and an ability to demonstrate this.

Should have (pick 2):
•An almost uncanny ability to shape insightful and cogent strategy that works, demonstrated by prior strategies that worked within highly competitive landscapes.
•A talent to network and build networks, demonstrated through a current network that is deep and/or broad (but not necessarily relevant to this position).
•An absolute passion and pride in management and project implementation, demonstrated

Additional Information

Please submit a CV and one page cover letter outlining interest in the position as well as relevant skills and expertise to Molly Henry:

ARC is an equal opportunity employer.