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Duration of Training: One Week Assignment (2 days training)

Date: February or early March 2016

Program Background:

Liberia is recovering from a civil war and recently deadly Ebola crisis which devastated the country as a whole and decimated the lending operations of commercial banks. Banks lending in uncomfortably sectors are risk averse, which, combined with a lack of capacity, especially in rural areas and for lending in non-traditional sectors, has shaped an inhospitable credit environment. Additionally, there is low capacity among SME borrowers and potential borrowers who often lack financial literacy, collateral, documented credit/cash flow history, and market credibility. The resulting lack of credit in the extension of credit to SMEs pose a key constraint to growth in these developing sectors as well as to overall economic development. The Liberia/IBEX program focuses on improving Liberia’s lending environment in seven (7) sectors through improved risk management and loan guarantees designed to reduce risk and costs associated with lending in these sectors. Coupled with technical assistance provided by Liberia/IBEX staff and volunteer technical experts to partner banks as well as borrowers, this encourages lending to sectors borrowers, with a specific focus on small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
Course Rationale

The Risk Management, Compliance, Audit and Financing workshop will be an intensive two-day train ing program, intended to p rovide Bankers at DCA partner banks a detailed understanding of the basic fundamentals of the outlined topics below. The program is intended to reinforce and e x pand the professional skills of Credit, Risk, and Portfolio Administration staff in providing them a comprehensive understanding of the familiarity with all necessary tools and methodology used; where they are able to appreciate the industry characteristics and all risks associated with banking. This training workshop is also intended to facilitate refresher training for previously held trainings for DCA partner banks.

For more information and to apply for this volunteer assignment, please follow this link: http://chc.tbe.taleo.net/chc01/ats/careers/requisition.jsp?org=IESCORG&cws=1&rid=160