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All the roles would entail a fair amount of travel, with the locations depending on the project. Remuneration is on the basis of the profile and experience of the applicant. We welcome interested applicants who are willing to commit to our team and living in Auroville for a minimum of 6 months to 1 year during the project.

About earth&us

We are based in Auroville, an international township in south India, which is widely acclaimed for its achievements in promoting environmental sustainability and social development.

earth&us was born out of a passion for promoting sustainable development through trans-disciplinary research and action. We are driven by the imperative need to build a quality of living where the poor and the marginalised are empowered without the ability of future generations to sustain themselves being compromised. For us, the journey towards this essentially entails sustainable production and consumption, with ‘sustainability’ not being a vague, feel good term but a concept that can be measured and rated. We believe that fulfilling lives is possible even while living with ‘greener’ and cleaner alternatives.

About the projects

Zero Waste Zone Town Panchayats

This project is about making 528 Town Panchayats that are home to 8 million people ‘Zero Waste Zones’ through training and behaviour change initiatives. This is one of the pioneering projects in India where the focus is on waste segregation and waste reduction at source.

Behaviour change in sanitation habits of school children

The objective is to develop training materials and behaviour change strategies for hygiene and sanitation habits of school children. The project will be implemented in 5,000 schools across seven states in India in various languages and local contexts.

How to apply

Please email us at shradha@earthandus.org with a copy of your CV, Skype ID and phone number. Once we have screened your CV, we will contact you for an interview over Skype/phone.