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When MetLife Foundation launched our financial inclusion strategy in 2013, the financial inclusion industry was beginning to show that a well-coordinated global effort could produce impressive results. We saw that more than 2 billion people lacked access to formal financial services. But we also saw how steadily that gap was being closed. Financial services providers, investors, donors, regulators, and many other parties were collaborating to bring more and better financial services to massive numbers of unserved or underserved people. Today, the Foundation works globally with talented organizations to test innovative, technology-enabled solutions that can drive down costs, improve quality, and support people as they move toward greater stability on the path to long-term financial health.

Our financial inclusion grant making is organized into three strategic areas of focus:

  • Knowledge: Grants aimed at increasing low-income people’s capability to make sound financial decisions.
  • Services: Grants aimed at ensuring that low-income clients are served by strong institutions that meet their needs.
  • Insights: Grants designed to share lessons learned and build the knowledge of the global financial inclusion community.

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