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Openi2i is an initiative of Cenfri and Finmark Trust focused on sharing some of the programmatic learnings we’ve discovered from the last 5 years of jointly implementing the insight2impact programme. Through Openi2i we will document and explore our journey from the start to end of this programme while considering what has contributed to our successes and failures. Some of the key learning areas we’ll be exploring are programme design, stakeholder engagement, innovation in Africa and digital skills development. For more information, visit



Cenfri is an independent think tank that conducts applied research to improve how societies in developing countries benefit from the financial sector and digital economy. Its core focus is on generating insights that can inform policymakers, market players and donors that seek to unlock development outcomes through inclusive financial sectors and digital economies. In collaboration with key partners and funders, Cenfri actively engages across Africa, Latin America and Asia. For information on its partners and funders, focus countries and research theme areas, visit

FinMark Trust (FMT) is an independent trust, its purpose is to ‘make financial markets work for the poor’ by promoting financial inclusion, regional financial integration, as well as institutional and organisational development to increase access to financial services for the underserved and financially excluded. FMT is the South African representative within the Financial Sector Deepening Africa (FSDA) network. FMT achieves its core objective through two principal programmes: (1) the creation and analysis of financial services consumer data to provide in depth insights on both served and unserved consumers across the developing world; and (2) systematic financial sector inclusion and deepening programs to overcome regulatory, supplier and other market level barriers hampering the effective provision of services. Together, these programmes unlock financial inclusion and sector development through a symbiotic relationship between rigorous data collection and research activities. Our work can be found in South Africa, throughout the SADC region and the global arena. Visit for further information.


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