Glaucio Gomes

Glaucio Gomes is executive director at Rummos, a consulting company for social businesses and organizations, and Institutional Development Coordinator at Ateliê de Idéias. He also serves as consultant in Strategic Management at Agencia de Desarrollo Económico Local (ADEL, Local Economic Development Agency).

Glaucio is a specialist in Local Development Planning and Management; he coordinated the Monitoring and Evaluation Department at Brazil Foundation. As an analyst and consultant in Private Social Investment, he contributed to social organizations in several regions of Brazil. He is also sits on the Advisory Council of Bravo Youth Foundation (Los Angeles).

Today, he is committed to researching and understanding the current status of the third sector in Brazil, its transformations and new dynamics, focusing on new strategies for sustainability for civil society organizations and social entrepreneurs.

Articles by Glaucio Gomes

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