Africa Agri-Food Development Progamme

  • All applicants must be agri-food companies that have been registered/incorporated in Ireland and/or one of the 18 eligible African countries of implementation for at least 12 months prior to the AADP application period commencing;
  • all proposed projects must be commercial in nature and focus and must contribute strongly to the sustainable development of the food system, including alignment where possible with relevant Sustainable Development Goals, within the African country(ies) selected;
  • the partners involved must have appropriate governance and financial management systems in place. Along with the relevant application form, all AADP applicants must provide:

– at least one year of audited accounts

– company and tax information

– an account of project-related “flow of funds”

– any background contracts and Memoranda of Understanding

– any further documentation found to be relevant and agreed with partners

– the partners involved for ‘full projects’ must include at least 1 Irish registered agri-food company and 1 local commercial entity in Africa;

  • all applicants for ‘full projects’ must be able to demonstrate that they have at least 3 years of experience within their team in the relevant agri-food sector and development context;
  • the application must clearly outline how these 2 distinct companies will enter an equitable and ethical partnership;
  • if an applicant company proposes to undertake a feasibility study, it should include a list of any potential partners within the application;

All proposals must clearly explain:

  • how the intended results of the project will provide additional contributions to the sustainable development of the local agri-food system in the African country(ies);
  • why public funds are essential to finance the initiative and will not replace existing funding sources;
  • successful AADP funding applicants will be encouraged to engage with Irish and other national and international NGOs where possible on various aspects of the projects(for example: project design, community engagement and mobilisation, training and extension).

Projects will be supported in the following countries:

• Botswana

• Cóte d’Ivoire

• Ethiopia

• Ghana

• Kenya

• Liberia

• Namibia

• Nigeria

• Malawi

• Mozambique

• Rwanda

• Senegal

• Sierra Leone

• South Africa

• Tanzania

• Uganda

• Zambia

• Zimbabwe


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