Meta Llama Impact Innovation Awards

Recent breakthroughs in AI, and generative AI in particular, have captured the public’s imagination and demonstrated they have the potential to help people create a new era of economic and social opportunity, and give individuals, creators, and organizations new ways to express themselves and connect with people.

Building off a legacy of openly releasing tools to benefit the global community, we introduced Meta Llama 2 in July 2023 and this past April we launched the next generation of our open source large language model – Meta Llama 3. This model demonstrates state-of-the-art performance on a wide range of industry benchmarks and offers new capabilities, including improved reasoning.
We are committed to identifying and supporting the use of these models for social impact, which is why we are excited to announce the Meta Llama Impact Innovation Awards, which will grant a series of awards of up to $35K USD to organizations in Africa, the Middle East, Turkey, Asia Pacific, and Latin America tackling some of the regions’ most pressing challenges using Llama.
Since their release, Llama 2 and Llama 3 have had over 180 million download requests and we know developers are already creating incredible tools with these models. We have seen some of those tools through the applications to the Llama Impact Grant program, which aimed to identify and support the most compelling applications of Llama 2 for societal benefit across three tracks: education, environment, and open innovation.

The Meta Llama Impact Innovation Awards are intended to further identify and support organizations who are already using Llama 2 or 3 as a core element of their work to address the challenges in their region as outlined below.

Successful applicants will:

  • Identify how their work directly impacts the selected regional issue area
  • Highlight the importance of Llama 2 or Llama 3 as a core element of their work to address the relevant issue area
  • Include a link to a public reference to the submitted project’s use of Llama 2 or Llama 3 (e.g., blog post, news article, GitHub repository, etc.)

Regional issue areas

We know that the biggest challenges each region faces are different, which is why we have tailored the program slightly differently for each. Applicants will apply not only within their own region but also within it’s specialized tracks, as outlined below:


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