2017 Net Impact Conference

Many people want to make a difference, but turning good intentions into tangible impact can be hard. The Net Impact Conference is your accelerator. We can give you the skills, experiences and connections so that you can have the greatest impact now and throughout your career.

From the founders of impactful companies, to the professionals using business as a force for good, to the students and graduates preparing for a career with purpose, our members and alumni continue to be a driving force for change around the world everyday. These are the inspiring people who will gather this October in Atlanta for the 2017 Net Impact Conference.

For 25 years, the Annual Net Impact Conference has guided attendees to their careers with impact. This year we’re taking it a step further: we’re creating an experience unlike any conference you’ve ever been to before. At the 2017 Net Impact Conference, we’ll help you map out your Path to Purpose.

You already have a passion for social and environmental impact, the 2017 Net Impact Conference will take you on a path where you can turn that passion into a purposeful career by gaining tangible skills and actionable insights.

The 2017 Net Impact Conference will bring together in one space the brightest, most enthusiastic, and innovative impact leaders from around the world. With specific paths mapped out for students, new graduates, emerging leaders, and those changing careers, all attendees will leave with their own map of their path to purpose.

Location: Atlanta, GA

Dates: October 26, 2017 - August 28, 2017