Agribusiness | Unconvention 2018


Villgro presents Unconvention|Agri-business, a sector-centric social enterprise conference designed to unearth and inspire social entrepreneurs and in turn grow the social enterprise movement deeper in India. Unconvention focuses on building pipeline, inspiring, discovering and nurturing social enterprises that have the potential for high impact on the lives of the poor while activating nationwide eco-systems and stakeholders in the sector.

What can you expect?

Sector Specific conversations

The social enterprise ecosystem is evolving from a generic format to a more sector focused format and Unconvention|Agriculture is embracing this spirit. Each conversation will deeply examine challenges unique to the agriculture industry and allied sub-sectors in India.

Innovation as the Solution

Unconvention seeks to emphasize the importance of product innovation and sustainable market based models to solve persistent problems facing Indian farmers. The core of the conference explores the role of innovation in creating impact at the bottom of the pyramid while building sustainable enterprises

In focus: Farmer

In addition to various stakeholders from the industry including impact investors, government representatives, industry experts and entrepreneurs; Unconvention brings together farmers to share their perspective on the need of the hour and the effect of recent innovations on their lives.

Location: Hyderabad, India

Date: Friday, February 23, 2018