All Talk (and No Action)?

What does stakeholder capitalism look like in practice, and what does it really mean for businesses?

Stakeholder capitalism has been a popular term at international summits and in boardrooms in recent years一and for good reason. Even before the covid-19 pandemic, global crises such as climate change were forcing overdue conversations about the role of business in society. And CEO after CEO announced their commitment to go beyond shareholder primacy to provide value for all, in order to contribute to a fairer and more sustainable future.

But words are one thing; action is quite another. And while the theory of stakeholder capitalism一taking into account the needs of all stakeholders and favouring long-term value creation一may sound straightforward enough, the practice is less so.

Time: 11:00 AM ET

Location: Virtual

Dates: March 15, 2022 - February 15, 2022