BFA Webinar: Get to Product/Market Fit

One of the biggest questions early-stage companies have to answer is whether their product is right for their targeted market. That is to say, Product-Market Fit can be thought of as the measure of how well your product satisfies the market. The Product/ Market toolkit covers the journey where companies start with a pain-point, a passion or a hunch, and go all the up to the final stage of optimization where they scale up. This final stage of scaling up includes a perfect combination of visibility, desirability, and feasibility of the product, in the market they are serving.

This special webinar series hosted by BFA, as the manager of Catalyst Fund, covering each of these toolkits is geared to entrepreneurs, accelerators, and investors looking to support their portfolio companies. You can learn more about the webinar series here.

Location: Virtual

Date: Thursday, April 5, 2018