Elders Council Webinar – Social Entrepreneurs Passing the Baton

Succession planning is one thing, achieving the plan is another. In this webinar, the Elders Council for Social Entrepreneurs will host a ‘fireside chat’ with Ashoka Fellow DY Suharya, social entrepreneur and founder of Alzheimer’s Indonesia (ALZI).

During this session, Kusumadewi (DY) Suharya will describe the practical steps she has already taken as she moves into the final stage of passing the baton. Ready to “pass the baton”, DY Suharya is keen to avoid the ‘founders’ syndrome’ as she moves through her succession. In addition, you will hear from her on their transition planning as a means of protecting the sustainability of the sector, setting an example for the 20 associations and organizations she works with as the Regional Director of Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI).

Time: 11:00 [UTC/GMT+02:00] / 4:00 AM EST

Location: Virtual

Date: Tuesday, July 9, 2024