From Anecdotes to Analytics: Shift in Storytelling

Are anecdotal stories still your go-to for donor strategy? It’s time to upgrade your storytelling with HARD data. Our extensive research, involving over 1,000 data points, shows that new-age donors increasingly trust nonprofits that embrace a data-driven culture. Leveraging data can open more donations and volunteer support and amplify social impact. However, just acknowledging DATA PAYS OFF is not enough. Many organizations ask, “How can we become data owners and data-driven storytellers ?” In this webinar, we’ll provide answers for organizations at any of these four stages: – Stage 1: Starting from Scratch: Develop your impact strategy from the ground up. – Stage 2: Designing a New Strategy: Create an effective impact data collection strategy. – Stage 3: Analyzing Historical Data: Make sense of the already collected data. – Stage 4: Dashboards & Reporting: Learn to report your impact or create a compelling dashboard. Join the ranks of 100% of our customers/partners who successfully use impact data stories to retain and attract new donors! Being data-driven isn’t a trend—it’s a necessity. Just as companies like Amazon, Google, and Starbucks use data for critical decisions, so must donors, foundations, and new-age funders. Are you ready to make the shift? Top 3 Reasons for you to attend: – Differentiate Yourself: Stand out by telling a compelling, data-driven impact story that resonates with donors. – Save Resources: Use data to bring operational efficiency and save resources. – Build Trust: Demonstrating a robust data process builds trust with new-age donors. Join us to transform your storytelling and maximize your nonprofit’s impact. Register now to secure your spot!

Time: 12:00 PM ET

Location: Virtual

Date: Tuesday, July 30, 2024