How to Align the HR Function and Business Strategy for Organisational Success: Lessons Learned from the e-MFP AG’s HR Survey and Voices from the Field

Isabelle Katthagen and Dr. Elisabeth Niendorf of the Academy of German Cooperatives will share their deep knowledge of the technical and leadership aspects of the HR function as well as insights learned from the e-MFP HR Action Group’s survey of 195 FSPs in 2021 on their current strengths and areas of opportunity related to Human Resources Management (HRM). Recommendations will be shared about how to develop a HRM system that is more strategic in bringing the HR function to bear in business planning and maximizing the potential of both leaders and staff.

Join us in this webinar, organised by e-MFP in collaboration with The ILO’s Social Finance Programme, during which two Financial Services Provider (FSP) representatives will share their HR practices and lessons learned from bringing the HR function into the strategic discussions of their institutions.


Sept. 6, 2022 – 9:00 am EDT


Location: Virtual

Date: Tuesday, September 6, 2022