Innovative Financing Structures for Impact Enterprises

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Innovative Financing Structures for Impact Enterprises

In the evolving sphere of impact entrepreneurship, the strategic allocation of financial resources is a linchpin for sustainable success. This live program delves into the burgeoning world of innovative financial structures and approaches that fortify impact-driven enterprises. This session aims to unfold the myriad of financing avenues that are tailored to bolster the triple-bottom-line. As the impact economy grows/scales, it is imperative that financing structures evolve in tandem to undergird the sustainable and systemic change heralded by impact enterprises.

Featuring two experts in impact investing and finance, the conversation will provide frameworks with real-world examples of innovative financing structures. They’ll unravel how these approaches are not only feasible but instrumental in propelling impact enterprises towards their lofty yet grounded objectives. The discourse will bridge the conceptual with the practical, offering attendees a clear understanding of how innovative financing models can be harnessed to drive forward the impact economy.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Summary of different types of financing needs of early and growth stage enterprises and which types of innovative financing structures are appropriate for which types of enterprises.
  • An exploration of various innovative financing structures such as impact-linked financing, royalty financing, and demand dividend structures.
  • An examination of how these financing models align with the mission and sustainability goals of impact enterprises.
  • Case studies showcasing the application and success of innovative financing structures in different sectors of the impact economy.
  • The role of stakeholders in catalyzing and sustaining financing innovation.
  • Legal and regulatory considerations for adopting novel financing structures.
  • General discussion of the future of financing in fostering a thriving impact economy.

This webinar is an indispensable journey for impact entrepreneurs, investors, and scholars keen on exploring the frontier of financing that undergirds the transformation towards an impact economy. Through engaging discussions and insightful case examinations, attendees will be equipped with a robust understanding of the financial scaffolds that can empower impact enterprises in their pursuit of systemic, sustainable change.

Time: 12:00 PM – 1:15 PM

Location: Virtual

Date: Thursday, November 16, 2023