International Microfinance Research Workshop 2016

This annual workshop called the Participation for Harmonious Development (PHD) intends to bring together microfinance and every possible initiative being implemented anywhere in the world that would result in the creation of harmony among the participants.

The theme for this year mainly focuses on two diverse areas, namely, Crowdfunding and Cooperatives. Though they may not be directly associated with each other, at the center of both is participation. Crowdfunding includes donors participating for art projects (Kickstarter), lending with care (KIVA, Ankaainvestors) and even investing with care (Seedrs, Crowdcube). On the other hand, the most suitable institutional framework for solving mutual needs has been Cooperatives. Both, no doubt, involve challenges along with opportunities.

Today, both themes are witnessing an explosion of research as academics and practitioners search for best practices to make the world a better place. We invite researchers and practitioners from across the world to assemble in the capital of India to discuss and share their research and professional programs that represent the main theme of this conference.

A major outcomes of a research workshop is that we may get our papers published in the best journals. Our aim with this workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners for sharing the important research/practices and improve our existing work, making it acceptable in reputed journals in this area.

Location: Delhi, India

Dates: July 15, 2016 - July 16, 2016