Launch of the Circularity Gap Report 2023

The foremost challenge of the 21st century is to achieve an economic system that delivers well-being within planetary boundaries. The circular economy provides an opportunity for government and industry to meet this challenge. We need to act, and collaboration is vital to ensure we can fully realise the opportunities that circularity presents.

On behalf of Circle Economy, the founders of the Circularity Gap Report, and Deloitte, we cordially invite you to attend the online launch of the global Circularity Gap Report 2023.

In collaboration with Deloitte, the launch event will bring together a group of experts across industry, government and academia for an insightful discussion on the action needed to power the transition to a circular economy. Our objective: to build an ongoing collaboration to accelerate collective learning and change.

The livestream programme will comprise a presentation of the outcomes of the Circularity Gap Report 2023 and a panel discussion attended by policymakers and business leaders. More information, including a link to the livestream, will be provided in due course.

Speakers will include:
-Vivianne Heijnen, Minister for Environment, Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Watermanagement

-Bertus Servaas, President of the Management Board of VIVE Innovation and Textiles Recycling, VIVE Group

-Dieuwertje Ewalts (referred to as Dee in the emails), Sustainability and Circularity Lead, Deloitte Netherlands

-Hege Sæbjørnsen, Global Circular Strategy Lead, IKEA

The full agenda will be revealed soon.

About Circle Economy and Deloitte:
Circle Economy is a global impact organisation focused on empowering decision-makers from industry and government to develop and implement circular economy strategies and business models. The Circularity Gap Reporting Initiative monitors circularity for nations and regions, and has been producing global Circularity Gap Reports since 2018.

For the first time we are excited to collaborate with Deloitte to explore tangible solutions that can be created across the private and public sectors. Deloitte is driven by one purpose: sustainability is the challenge of our generation and we must collaborate across industry, to generate lasting results for the greater good.

More about the report:
The CGR reports provide high-level insights into the globe’s material flows and key levers for transitioning to circularity. They also support decision-makers by providing clear metrics, global data and a measurement of the circular economy to guide their action. Learn more here:

Location: Virtual

Date: Monday, January 16, 2023