Measuring progress on financial and digital inclusion – live event and webcast

The Brookings Financial and Digital Inclu­sion Project (FDIP) Report and Scorecard seeks to help answer a set of fundamental questions about today’s global financial inclusion efforts, including;Do country commitments make a difference in progress toward financial inclusion?;To what extent do mobile and other digital technologies advance finan­cial inclusion?; and What legal, policy, and regulatory approaches promote financial inclusion? To answer these questions, Brookings experts John D. Villasenor, Darrell M. West, and Robin J. Lewis analyzed finan­cial inclusion in 21 geographically, economically, and politically diverse countries. On August 26, the Center for Technology Innovation at Brookings will hold a forum to launch the 2015 FDIP Report and discuss key research findings and recommendations. Financial inclusion experts from the public and private sectors will also join the discussion.

Location: Online

Date: Wednesday, August 26, 2015