New Metrics ’17

Leading businesses are creating and valuing entirely new forms of social and environmental business impact. These new forms of value require smart new metrics. Define your success in the new economy and discover expanded methods for identifying and measuring cost, risk and new forms of value this fall.

This 3-day Sustainable Brands event will showcase the macro, corporate and investor landscapes to help your business succeed. Insightful business leaders will share detailed research on macro trends, risks and opportunities including discussions on UN sustainable development goals and applicability for the private sector. The event will feature deep dive discussions and case studies led by remarkable thought leaders and analysts working to create smarter, more accurate and more inclusive business metrics that create value for all stakeholders. Professionals will discover new practical tools for valuing carbon, water and other types of natural capital, plus gain new intelligence on the correlation between sustainability performance and brand strength. The investor landscape will be able to access new research on the ROI of both public and private sustainable investing, discover new intelligence on green bond indices by mainstream banks and identify new players in sustainable investing across entirely new asset classes.

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Dates: November 13, 2017 - November 15, 2017