Poverty and Promise: Uncovering Truths from Financial Diaries

Publishers Weekly calls it a “must-read for anyone interested in the causes of—and potential solutions to—American poverty.” With the release of “The Financial Diaries: How Americans Cope in a World of Uncertainty”, authors Jonathan Morduch and Rachel Schneider offer further insights about how people spend, save, borrow and plan that inspire new ways of improving Americans’ financial lives. Join us to learn:

– Why stories from the profiled families points to a gap between the idea of what “middle-class” means and actual experiences;

– How the growing use of contract workers (the Gig Economy) means that more workers today have volatile income and bear more risk; and

– What the financial services industry can do to deal with cash flow volatility, featuring some innovative solutions to help “smooth” income and expense spikes.

Location: Webinar

Date: Tuesday, May 16, 2017