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Productive Uses of Renewable Energy in Africa

Rural electrification efforts are often constrained by limited electricity usage, which challenges the economic viability of microgrid projects. Low electricity consumption also curtails economic productivity and living standards, as essential tasks in farming and other sectors continue to be performed manually. This vicious cycle keeps communities impoverished and electrification rates low.

Fortunately, harnessing productive uses of energy offers a transformative solution. By facilitating access to affordable finance, local business owners can acquire electric appliances that enhance their operational efficiency. This progression leads to increased incomes, job creation, better living standards, and elevated levels of electricity consumption. As local businesses thrive, renewable microgrid operators can achieve profitability, ensure a reliable supply of clean power, and expand their reach to households and broader sectors of the economy.

Join our upcoming webinar to explore the transformative opportunities and challenges of leveraging productive uses of renewable energy in rural communities.

  • Discover how appliance financing can boost productivity for local businesses in off-grid communities
  • Learn from compelling case studies on productive uses of renewable energy
  • Understand how productive uses of energy can improve microgrid economics by propelling local economic growth and increasing electricity consumption
  • Explore the impact of plug-and-play renewable microgrids and appliances such as cool storage.

Powering lights in rural communities is a positive first step, but not enough to create a virtuous cycle of growing economic productivity, increasing electricity consumption, and faster electrification in Africa. Join this webinar to understand how productive uses of energy hold the key to providing electricity access to rural communities.

Fill in the form to secure your spot in this enlightening online session and be part of the discussion that shapes the future of rural electrification.

About RePower:

RePower is an ambitious four-year project funded by the European Commission, pioneering the use of plug-and-play microgrids. Join this webinar to learn more.

13:00 GMT / 15:00 CEST / 16:00 EAT / 9:00 AM

Location: Virtual

Date: Thursday, June 27, 2024

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