Sankalp Dhaka Summit 2023

Sankalp was initiated in India in 2009 by Intellecap to create a thriving ecosystem for business-led solutions to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 across the Global South. Sankalp has built one of the world’s largest impact enterprise-focused platforms that has showcased and discovered 2,300+ entrepreneurs through 29 editions of its flagship summits and has connected them to over 1000+ investors. Sankalp has enabled entrepreneurs to raise over USD 800 million in funding and disbursed USD 1.2 Million in cash grants.

Sankalp also engages with governments, corporations, ecosystem builders like the World Economic Forum, GIIN, G7 and G20, media, and civil society organizations to drive a paradigm shift in inclusive development approaches. At Sankalp’s core is the entrepreneur, and it uses the framework of Knowledge, Capital & Network to create an enabling ecosystem for their success.


Catalysing Bangladesh’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

While the concept of shared value can be traced back decades ago, there has never been a time like the present to acknowledge its importance. Social and economic inequity coupled with the global crisis demands new approaches. The movement of responsible businesses needs to be accelerated where progress is measured by its impact on communities and profits simultaneously.

As champions of social entrepreneurs, we recognize the role of all stakeholders in the ecosystem. In the quest to create a win-win scenario for everyone, the approach of impact investing has seen its breakthrough. The industry has grown in depth and attracted 2% of global AUM ($2.3 trillion) in 2020.

Unlike other global trends, South Asia entered this market early and has seen a staggering rate of growth of 23% between 2015 to 2019. Nearly 2 decades ago, funds such as Aavishkaar and Acumen formalized the space for India, and today it has become one of the most active destinations in South Asia. Entrepreneurs that were invested by impact funds in India have collectively impacted more than half a billion lives! New collaboration prospects have emerged after acknowledging the troubles and difficulties shared by neighboring countries in the Global South. With proven success in hosting and catalyzing for-profit purpose-driven startups in India and Africa, Sankalp aspires to launch and convene this ecosystem in Bangladesh.

The platform will explore South-South Collaboration closely and celebrate the social entrepreneurship ecosystem. We intend to catalyze the regional ecosystem and accelerate development toward Bangladesh’s Vision 2041. We invite everyone at Sankalp to facilitate the creation of an enabling environment of knowledge, capital & networks for our entrepreneurial minds.

Some of the outcomes we hope to collaborate & convene the ecosystem around include:

Social outcomes

  • Up-Skilled female garment workers (circular jobs)
  • Employment for Youth
  • Access & affordability of basics (water, food, sanitation)

Environmental outcomes

  • Emission reductions / Shift to renewable energy
  • Zero-waste to Environment
  • Energy and water efficiency
  • Climate resilient Agri / reduced post-harvest losses

Economic Outcomes

  • MSME Output
  • Increased Labour Productivity & participation
  • Green / Circular Jobs for Women & Youth
  • Increase in %GDP contribution from startups
  • Diversified export basket
  • Inflow of FDI

The appetite of Bangladesh has been ready with its resilient GDP growth and rise in the youth population. Sankalp has taken on the challenge to invite capital and accelerate the transition to a trade based economy.

Location: Bangladesh

Date: Sunday, March 19, 2023