Scalable and Clean Baseload Power: Closed-Loop Geothermal Energy

People have made use of geothermal energy in the form of heat for hundreds of years, but it wasn’t until 1904 that the first geothermal power generator was developed. Since then, geothermal systems have rapidly developed, but traditionally have been restricted to locations with specific subsurface conditions. Geothermal energy storage technologies use natural subsurface heat to generate and storage energy. Unlike other energy storage solutions, think of batteries, thermal and solar storage, geothermal energy storage systems store energy in subsurface water several hundred feet deep.

Traditional open-loop geothermal systems are location restricted, or require fracking to be feasible. Closed-loop systems on the other hand have the potential to operate in many locations and are a promising solution that enables growth of the geothermal industry. The advantage of utilizing closed-loop geothermal systems as an energy storage solution is their integration with intermittent renewable energy systems. Closed-loop geothermal systems are able to provide a baseload form of clean energy, whilst also being dispatchable in response to intermittent renewables, such as solar and wind, ensuring a stable and reliable grid.

This webinar will take a deep dive into emerging geothermal storage technologies that don’t use fracking and operate as an innovative closed-loop system. Featured speakers include Eavor Senior Business Development Officer Neil Ethier, Rutgers University’s Professor in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department Kimberly Cook Chennault and Boundless Impact Research Analyst Andreas van Giezen.

Time: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT

Location: Virtual

Date: Tuesday, September 14, 2021