Sustainable Business & Social Impact Conference

The Sustainable Business & Social Impact (SBSI) conference is hosted by Duke University, The Fuqua School of Business Net Impact Club. It is the largest event of its kind in the Southeast and the largest student-led conference at The Fuqua School of Business. The event explores rapidly evolving opportunities in the fields of social impact and sustainability to bring positive and sustainable change.

​Each year, the conference brings together hundreds of attendees and speakers from the public, private, and social sectors to discuss innovative business models, collaborations and partnerships, and ideas that are creating lasting social impact around the world.

Business is an essential partner for social change. The Net Impact Club engages and deepens students’ understanding about the intersection of business and social and environmental impact. We directly serve Fuqua with the aim of generating ripple effects throughout the larger Duke, and Durham, communities as well as future business and non-profit leaders.  We offer social impact and sustainability-focused events, build networks of students and professionals, and empower our members with actionable ideas. These activities expose students to the concept of making a difference through their careers, support those who prioritize making positive impacts, and attract more socially and environmentally conscious leaders to Fuqua.

Location: Durham, NC

Date: Wednesday, February 7, 2018