The Promise of Gigaton-Level Ocean CO2 Sequestration

CO2 lies deep in water too, leading to a water acidification that is wreaking havoc on marine life and the businesses that live off of it. Vycarb is on a mission to change that, aiming to bring gigaton-level carbon measurement and removal solutions to our shores. Ocean waters naturally absorb, and then dissolve, CO2. But when absorption is faster than its dissipation rate, it causes water to become acidic. It is a phenomenon that is spreading, already seriously impacting the US West Coast and now threatening the East Coast. Few solutions exist to address the problem, with methods to measure CO2 in water at scale being both expensive and complex. If we can’t measure it, how are we going to solve it? Comes in Vycarb, who for the past 2 years has been implementing new ways to accurately – and easily – measure those CO2 levels in water in a number of sites across the East Coast. Their modular system uses self-contained alkalinity enhancement systems to measure and optimize carbon dioxide removal in high-CO2 waters. Join us on July 16th as we dive deeper into Vycarb’s environmental impact and its mission to create safe, permanent, and responsive carbon management in water! We will be joined by Garrett Boudinot, Founder & CEO at Vycarb, and Boundless’ Research Analyst Reagan Cerci.

Location: Virtual

Date: Tuesday, July 16, 2024