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San Francisco, CA
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We are looking for a hard-working, proactive and diligent person to join our dynamic team. If you are interested to learn more about the Development Associate Role, you may be asking:

What will a typical day be like?
Your typical day will likely look different than the one before. And the one before that. But that’s exciting, right!? Because we’re in start-up mode, you will be supporting and driving a few different projects and responsibilities at once–so a knack for multitasking is a must! At a bird’s eye view, this role will likely be:

35%: Operational Efficiencies –
You’ll own scheduling, note taking on occasion, planning and supporting team meetings/retreats/events, and manage internal communications with the team.

40%: Research –
A lot of what makes Raise for Good several steps ahead in the social impact space is that we dedicate time to researching trends, companies, events and people. We want to know everything that’s happening–who are the movers and shakers and what will happen next in philanthropy and nonprofits. If you’d be excited to research Melinda Gates’s new venture capital firm, or understand the role that millennials have in impact investing or critically think about how we measure “impact,” we want you to apply.

30%: Special Projects and Account Management Support –
You’ll be placed on a few different client teams, depending on your interests and our needs–giving you an incredibly well-rounded view of our client offerings and expertise. You’ll serve as project manager on some of these accounts and will help guide the team to make sure projects are moving forward, stakeholders are kept in the loop and deliverables are completed on time.

How is success measured?
Because we’re a small team, we’ll feel your impact immediately–and you will see how you’re having an impact immediately, too! The person in this role will need to hit the ground running; supporting existing projects, helping systems and scheduling run efficiently and conducting research briefings that keep our team sharp. You will play an essential role as Raise for Good grows, and we’re very excited about it! But your success is just as much our responsibility as it is yours, so we will make sure you’re onboarded properly and set up for success. We’ll evaluate and measure success based on metrics we set together, focusing on how we’re growing as a team and benefiting from your work. We’ll set up intentional times (for example: weekly 1:1s, monthly check-ins, quarterly reviews) to be sure we’re on the same page with priorities, pursuing the same goals, and working through challenges together.

What opportunities for growth do I have?
SO many! We see this role growing with Raise for Good as we set down deeper roots and expand into new interest areas. If you find something you love about the role and want to focus on that, we want to support you. If you’re curious about another aspect of the job, we’ll make sure you try it out to see if you’d want to pursue that. We strongly believe that people are happier, more productive, valuable, and skilled at their job if they love what they do–and we want that for you here.

Additional Information

Raise for Good is a Swiss Army knife partner for purpose-driven companies. Our dynamic team provides fundraising and revenue strategy, brand marketing, operations, finance, social impact and executive development services. We partner with purpose-driven brands to accelerate their growth so we can leave a positive impact on our world.