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Full time
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Read the job description below, if it speaks to your heart and mind, please send a 200 word response explaining why you want to join us.
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Gramhal Foundation is seeking a Full-Stack Developer.

Gramhal Foundation is a Tech Non-profit that is on a mission to enable 10 million farmers to earn fair prices for their crops by 2025. We have a democratic work culture that provides personalized leadership opportunities and the ability to see the direct impact of your work on people’s lives.

Work setting: Remote with an option to work from project sites in rural India.

Stack description: Our tech stack currently includes AWS, Python, Flask, PostgreSQL, Redis, Java, Git, and Docker, but we want to use the best tools possible to scale our solution.

Who are we looking for?

For us, formally educated and self-taught programmers make an equally strong case. At the end of the day, we will look at the kind of project you have undertaken and especially your role in it. We are looking for a minimum of 5-7 years of demonstrated experience in:

● Managing infrastructure on AWS with special attention to scalability and security

● Agile software development with clean code and unit testing

● Architecting reliable software

● Android app development

● API design

● Best practices in documentation

● Making product decisions and planning a roadmap from MVP to a mature solution

● Collaborating and managing workflows with cross-functional teams

● Design of analytics and user feedback loops

● Learning new tools and integrations with 3rd party service providers.

We are looking for misfits – who feel that their potential is untapped, who need a positive and caring ecosystem to bring out their best. If you are looking for a purpose in your work, then we are looking for you. Beyond technical skills to undertake responsibilities of Full Stack Developer, an ideal candidate should connect with our five core values – Mindful Working, Learning Mindset, Practice Compassion with Passion, Be an Intrapreneur, and Listening, Reflect, and Communicate.

Selection Process

1. Read this Job description, if it speaks to your heart and mind, please fill this form with sincerity. Your 200 words response to why do you want to join us will be prioritized over your resume.

2. ‘Ask Me Anything’: To better understand the role and the organization, we will organize a 30 minute space over Zoom where you can ask us anything. From our side, we will be focused on understanding the value alignment.

3. Gauging the technical skill and expectations: A 60–75-minute space over Zoom to learn more about your technical expertise and understanding why do you want to join and your expectations from the organization.

4. Assignment: You will receive an assignment that will take around 4-5 hours of your time. We will decide the timeline in consultation with you accommodating your current personal and professional commitments. This is the last step from our side.

5. Receive offer or feedback: If not selected, acknowledging, and respecting your time and efforts to go through the selection process, we will provide you detailed, constructive feedback.

6. Speak with anyone: If you received an offer from us, you would get a chance to select any team member from the organization and schedule a call to get a deeper insight into the organization’s culture.

7. Make Decision: Finally, you will decide whether we are deserving enough to get an opportunity to work with you!

About the product

We are breaking down information and network asymmetry that prevents farmers from getting the best price for their crops. Years of listening to farmers and understanding their problems have led us to the development of LIST – a hyperlocal platform for farmers. To provide farmers holistic support, we have developed digital quality inspection tools. If you choose to work with us, you will get a chance to work on the following projects:

1) Backend development for the LIST platform

2) An Android mobile application to access the LIST platform.

3) A WhatsApp chatbot to access the LIST platform.

4) IVRS and USSD infrastructure to enable keypad phone users to access the LIST platform

5) IoT-based moisture meter

6) Machine Learning based and smartphone-enabled Crop Quality Inspection software

Since its launch in April 2021, the platform has witnessed great traction with over 5000 users joining in the first 100 days. As thousands and lakhs of users join the platform, the full stack developer will be responsible for rapidly adding new features that are critical for enabling the last-mile farmers to benefit from the platform. If you are a developer excited by the prospect of being in the driver’s seat of rapid growth at the early stages of a platform, and you share our vision of creating a valuable product for farmers, we are excited to meet you.

Work expectations from you

One of the first things you will do is to work with our current vendor and transfer all the knowledge in-house. After that, your role will be to maintain the existing infrastructure and keep adding new features to it by incorporating feedback from the field team. We have a strong culture of Fail Fast and iterate, hence one of the key expectations from you will be to function smoothly in an agile environment. Another important aspect of your role will be collaborating with other team members at Gramhal and thoroughly documenting the work. As you embed yourself in Gramhal, you will be expected to take a leadership position, make decisions, and lead from the front.

What do we offer?

Stress-free work culture: We are audaciously ambitious and fast. Over the past two years, we have done pioneering projects in the Indian agriculture sector. This does not mean that our team is always stretched and stressed. We have developed a culture where everyone expands their ability and happiness. If you don’t believe us – use Speak With Anyone to hear first-hand experiences.

Opportunity to build your leadership muscle: Leaders are not born, they are nourished. We all have in ourselves what it takes to be a leader. All we need is a conscious effort to actively harness it. To support every team member’s leadership journey, we have an Emotional Intelligence Leadership Coach, who works one-on-one to support in your personal and professional challenges.

Passionate and inspiring team: Gramhal is a collective of exceptional human beings, who are highly professional in what they do. Their passion is infectious, and rarely are there days when someone does not do something inspirational.

Compensation: We provide competitive compensation with perks like health and life insurance.

About Gramhal Foundation

Gramhal Foundation is a Tech Not for Profit that was founded in 2019 with a mission to build a competitive, transparent, and efficient supply chain that provides farmers the agency to decide when to sell, whom to sell, and at what price. Our work has been recognized, for its innovation and potential for scale, at national and international platforms. We have won awards at Harvard Business School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cisco Global Problem Solver, among many others. To understand our work and its context, please read this article in Indian Express.

Our Hiring Principles

Gramhal believes in workforce diversity. We encourage applications from women, the LGBTQ community, minority groups, indigenous groups, and persons with disabilities. All applications will be treated with the strictest confidentiality

Gramhal believes in bringing equity in the hiring process. We provide all candidates the opportunity to get to know us and get clarity on their questions/concerns through ‘Ask Me Anything’ and ‘Speak With Anyone’. In the ‘Ask Me Anything’, the candidate can ask any question to the selection committee. Whereas, in ‘Speak With Anyone’, the candidate can use anyone from the organization beyond the selection committee to gain genuine and deeper insights about the organization.

We believe that to respect each other’s time and effort, transparency, and accountability in the recruiting process are of utmost importance. Hence, we provide the details of the selection process and would request you to keep this in mind as you interact with us.

One of our core values is a learning mindset. Hence, we seek feedback on our selection process from the candidates and provide constructive feedback to all applicants who reach the Assignment stage.