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Serve as the Head of Field Operations for Vitas Group Subsidiaries, affiliates and new markets. Vitas Group is the leading network of small enterprise and microenterprise lenders working in Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, and Romania. Responsibilities include

a) Operational management: developing and managing strategies to grow business and improve efficiency
b) New markets and business transformation: Leads operationalizing entry to new markets, business transformation in Iraq, and support to Vitas Ventures.
c) Client centricity, new segments, partnerships: Be the ambassador of Group level marketing and Lab projects in the field.
d) Digital Transformation: Support roll out of new business growth strategies through partnerships, digital marketing channels


1. Operational management: [Role: Lead] Provides operational managerial support to the Vitas Group and promotes achievement of goals and objectives.

o Lead the business planning process and support the field teams to develop long term projections for all subsidiaries – incorporate the group led strategy and reflect in the business plans.
o Oversee the implementation of Vitas Group subsidiary strategy through subsidiary business plans.
o Oversee key performance indicators, identify significant trends, and assist management portfolio quality and taking steps to assist field teams to devise strategies to improve and maintain quality
o Lead the effort to improve the KPIs on regular basis in line with new business strategies specially around digital partnerships and marketing
o Lead the implementation of social impact strategy across the network
o Developing and implementing strategies to improve efficiency of back-office services
o Supports the subs to raise funds at local level if required – equity, debt and grant
o Lead effort to set up to six monthly / annual goals by subsidiary in line with business plans, group strategy, and Vitas Lab
o Guides, advises and train staff. Establishes work plans and assist in annual performance goals for each team member, ensuring timely and quality execution of group deliverables.

2. New markets, Vitas Ventures and business transformation: [Role: Lead] Leads operationalizing entry to new markets, business transformation in Iraq and support Vitas Venture team

o Lead entry to new markets – identify markets for expansion and roll out operationally
o Build relationships with investors/donors and other stakeholders in new markets and leads fund raising, if required internally or externally
o As part of Vitas Venture (VV) team and assist in identifying and evaluating leads
o Oversee the operational aspects of VV investments and represent on boards or operationally as required on a regular basis.
o Work closely with VV team to monitor portfolio performance – develops and implement reporting on VV portfolio
o Supports efforts to transform Iraq program into an Iraqi registered entity, including assessing business plans, implementation of plans, and recommending changes in policies and procedures

3. Client centricity, New segments, Partnerships: [Role: Support to Marketing and Vitas Lab] Be the ambassador of Group level marketing and Lab projects in the field.
o Work closely with Marketing and Lab to develop project plans and role needed to follow through in the field
o Lead the effort to document and analyze customer journeys in all subs as a basis for the projects of Marketing and Vitas Lab.
o In collaboration with Marketing, review regularly the market research reports and other information on an ongoing basis to help improve Vitas value to its clients
o Provides subsidiaries with tools and insights in monitoring their competitive positions, enabling them to more proactively take advantage of market opportunities.
o Work with Group Marketing to help roll out the marketing plans in network. Working closely with Marketing to help with growth of portfolio through digital marketing channels
o Ensures standardization where desirable across lending operations to maintain sound underwriting practices and achieve targets.
o Leads in projects to introduce new products to existing clients or identify new segments for growth and reflect these to align with Lab projects, if needed.
o Working closely with Vitas Lab, help identify and evaluate partners, collaboration with Vitas Lab, which can contribute towards growth of portfolio of Vitas Group subsidiaries
o Hands on supervision of pilots and taking them to stage where these can be scaled up in collaboration with Vitas Lab

4. Digital transformation implementation: [Role: Support] Support projects implementation from business side relating to Digital transformation strategy;

o Build capacities at the subsidiaries levels among CEOs and senior management teams about the possible use cases and business models which can help Vitas subsidiaries and affiliates to grow
o Leads efforts to digitize and standardize processes at field level
o Participates in devising/defining and supports the roll out projects which originated from Digital transformation strategy like scoring model, client app, and other technological innovations at the field level.
o Stay updated on the new business models around the world and share the evolution relating to Vitas Markets with field and Tech teams within Vitas.
o Evolve the business strategy on continuous basis in line with ever evolving digital landscape to stay relevant and effective by identifying changes we need to make in our business approach.

5. Represents Vitas Group with donor representatives, strategic business partners, and host-country government representatives as needed. Represents Vitas Group at meetings, conferences and workshops to raise public awareness of Vitas Group work. Ensures that Vitas Group retains its strong roots as a development-focused, quality financial service provider in the countries and communities it serves.

6. Undertakes all other duties and projects as may be assigned from time to time.