Senior Consultant

Rabat, Morocco
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The Morocco office is Instiglio’s newest office, where they are leading exciting engagements with ministries and donors to transform social service delivery across a range of sectors. Morocco offers an environment ripe for RBF: a strong focus on results, strong government capabilities, and interest from key players to support RBF. Their projects are an opportunity to position Morocco as a leading country in the use of RBF, generate critical learnings, and create a blueprint for improved institutional performance.

The Senior Consultant will play a leading role in growing the office, from recruitment and capacity building to operations and execution, and will work directly with the head of the Morocco office. The Senior Consultant will also play a critical role in executing projects and managing clients, guide stakeholders through difficult yet important adaptations of their practices, and build rapport with clients by understanding their needs and adding value to their mission. The Senior Consultant will gain expertise in developing RBF instruments, developing a thorough understanding of different design choices, independently assessing tradeoffs, making recommendations for their technical designs, and translating complex concepts into understandable insights.

Within the team, the Senior Consultant will work directly with their project managers and leads to deliver high-quality services, and will eventually have the opportunity to lead teams. Tasks may include:

Leading and overseeing the development of technical components of RBF instruments from scratch, with a command of all dimensions of RBF, including economic concepts.
Leading the creation of proposals and client deliverables, articulating technical concepts in an eloquent and accessible manner.
Managing project budgets and contracts with clients and subcontractors, anticipating issues and proactively addressing them.
Planning, delegating, and overseeing tasks to achieve the most effective results within the team.
Proposing, structuring, and overseeing data analyses to draw actionable insights/hypotheses.
Preparing and delivering clear and effective presentations to stakeholders in the public and private sectors.
Actively improving their RBF services and their delivery systems.



Instiglio is growing a team of resourceful go-getters that are driven by their mission, curious about the world, and dedicated to a life of learning. An ideal candidate will have:

Experience: At least 6 years of experience, including 4 years of relevant work experience in international development, consulting and/or in the public sector.

Masters degree or equivalent in Economics, Statistics, Public Policy, Public Administration, Engineering, Business, or related fields.
Language skills:
Exceptional written and oral communication skills in English and French – C1.
Skills: Proven track record in client management (multiple stakeholders in complex settings); extensive experience growing and managing teams; exceptional strategic thinking, problem solving, and structured thinking (ability to adeptly develop complex analytical frameworks and exceptional working proficiency of the most common analytical principals (e.g. MECE); exceptional people skills (ability to relate well with people from different backgrounds, build trust, and solve problems)

Results-Based Financing, Performance Management, or Monitoring and Evaluation expertise.
Language skills:
Professional working proficiency in Arabic.