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SEEP is a global learning network. We support strategies that create new and better opportunities for vulnerable populations, especially women and the rural poor, to participate in markets and improve the quality of their life. SEEP members are active in more than 170 countries worldwide. They work together and with other stakeholders to mobilize knowledge and foster innovation, creating opportunities for meaningful collaboration and, above all, for scaling impact. Today approximately thirty percent of SEEP’s global membership is comprised of microfinance associations (MFAs). Over the years SEEP has provided capacity building services to MFAs in every region of the world.

SEEP has recently completed the implementation of the Responsible Finance through Local Leadership in Sub-Saharan Africa, in partnership with The MasterCard Foundation (MCF) and seven African microfinance associations. The main objective of that program was to build capacity of the partner associations to promote responsible finance practices in their markets. Collaborating again with MCF, SEEP has initiated a second phase of the program, a 4-year initiative called Responsible Finance Through Local Leadership and Learning (RFL3) which seeks to scale impact in consumer protection using a market systems approach. The program is characterized by:

1.      Deep engagement in one country, Rwanda
2.      Utilizing a market systems approach to involve all relevant stakeholders
3.      Scaling the application of client protection principles
4.      Strong learning component/experience as a learning lab
5.      Focus on the national microfinance association’s sustainability and influence

More information about SEEP and the program background is available upon request.


To elevate the program’s visibility in Rwanda and elsewhere through successful stakeholder engagement, effective program management, and quality learning outputs and processes.


The Senior Program Manager (S-PM) will be SEEP’s representative, providing support to the Association of Microfinance Institutions in Rwanda (AMIR) in its role as a key sector actor for responsible finance. As such, the S-PM will be responsible for the following activities in support of the program’s objectives:

Promote an enabling environment through active engagement of all relevant stakeholders
•       Help AMIR build partnerships with and consolidate relationships among different market actors;
•       Facilitate the organization and coordination of sector activities associated with responsible finance;
•       Support and monitor the implementation of action plans coming from industry consensus or individual agreements with specific market actors;
•       Help AMIR mobilize resources towards the fulfillment of its goals of advancing responsible finance in the market; and
•       Promote greater investment and consumer protection related support services amongst local stakeholders.
Expand the organizational capacity of AMIR to serve as sustainable and influential advocate for responsible financial market development
•       Provide/facilitate technical assistance to AMIR as planned/necessary;
•       Support AMIR’s strategy development efforts; and
•       Coordinate the implementation of additional SEEP technical assistance from external consultants to AMIR and possibly other market actors.
Accelerate learning and knowledge exchange associated with scaling consumer protection practices within Rwanda and amongst stakeholders in Sub-Saharan Africa
•       With support from the Program Learning Consultant, contribute to the Program’s learning agenda, learning products, and peer learning opportunities;
•       Scan local industry news/events and regularly review learning emerging from the wider field to inform SEEP and AMIR of emerging knowledge. Assess how these can be utilized for program activities and to further the achievement of program objectives;
•       Coordinate topical local market research / context analysis, and other knowledge generation to address evidence gaps informed by the program learning agenda;
•       Produce or contribute to the development of quarterly and/or biannually learning documents (blogs, videos, briefing notes, presentation, case studies, etc.) as planned in the program learning agenda, based on analysis and synthesis of data, media articles, and/or reports on topics relevant to program objectives;
•       Support AMIR in the dissemination among key stakeholders of these and other learning documents produced by SEEP learning consultants, and ensure follow-up and dialogue where needed.
Perform program monitoring and reporting
•       As SEEP representative in the field, coordinate all program activities in close collaboration with AMIR management in order to ensure timely and successful implementation of all local program activities;
•       Report to Program Director monthly on program management and facilitation activities.  Report quarterly on personal, association and sector achievements, including M&E report;
•       Review and verify AMIR’s technical and financial program reports, and M&E submissions;
•       Mentor AMIR program staff in various aspects of market facilitation and program implementation; and
•       Participate in SEEP headquarters’ program relating activities as needed


The Senior Program Manager will be successful if:
•       Targets/objectives of the program’s local implementation (AMIR’s annual work plans and as part of the national stakeholders’ plans) are achieved
•       Local stakeholders are aware of sector news/information and have the same level of understanding of issues, achievements and remaining challenges
•       New avenues for collaboration or and/or new partnerships / new interactions between market actors at the national level have been developed to address shared systemic challenges around responsible finance.
•       AMIR is recognized among local/regional public and private sector stakeholders in Rwanda for its effective market facilitation.


•       Master’s degree in a relevant discipline such as Business Administration, Economics, Development Studies or other relevant fields.
•       10 or more years of experience working in the banking, microfinance/financial inclusion sector in a senior management level role.
•       Good knowledge of Rwanda financial sector and its key stakeholders
•       Extensive experience leading national level, participatory processes around the promotion of financial inclusion; strong ability to gain agreement and commitment from others
•       Experience of stakeholder engagement; developing partnerships and managing relationships with donors, private sector, civil society actors, consultancies and government.
•       Strong leadership skills and ability to set a strategic vision and deliver results within a team.
•       Strong analytical and writing skills and experience in evidence-based reporting of results.
•       Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and experience in coaching staff.
•       Experience in market systems development and financial consumer protection preferred
•       Bilingual English/French
•       Authorization to work in Rwanda


•       Deadline for submission of applications – December 15, 2016

Additional Information

Please communicate your interest by submitting an application with the following:
• Application letter
• CV/Resume, outlining previous experience and accomplishments
• Experience in achieving similar types of projects and relevant lessons, as well as experience in Rwanda
• Two examples reports/learning products recently completed. If possible, at least one of the reports should be relevant, or similar to, the subject of this RFL3 project.

Applications should be sent to, Attn: Bintou Ka Niang, Recruitment Senior Program Manager RFL3.