10 Impactful Innovations in Health Care

Monday, April 8, 2013

When the Cleveland Clinic speaks, people listen. And, well, they should. The clinic, which has expanded its footprint from Northeastern Ohio to as far away as Abu Dhabi, stands as one of the world’s premier medical institutions. Recently, the Cleveland Clinic published a list of 10 innovations its health care professionals believe will have a major impact on the practice of medicine. I’ve added a few thoughts of my own to the clinic’s list that follows.

1. Renal denervation for high blood pressure

Known as “the silent killer,” hypertension affects up to 40% of people in industrialized countries. For many, anti-hypertension drugs don’t bring blood pressure down to safe levels. Renal denervation could be the answer. For decades, doctors have known the nerves supplying the kidneys impact chemical pathways that can trigger high blood pressure. Through a minimally invasive catheterization procedure, these nerves can be modulated and blood pressure reduced.

Source: MDNews.com (link opens in a new window)

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