100 Globally Competitive Startups in Ghana

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Across the world, outstanding stories are told of both the young and old becoming more innovative in delivering competitive solutions to the problems that the world faces daily. From the Mark Zuckerbergs of United States of America to the Aliko Dangotes of Nigeria, the exploits of individuals in business are shaping the world and transforming economies.

Here in Ghana, the story isn’t different. Young people are becoming more passionate and innovative, increasing the rate at which ideas are being commercialized into startup companies that are creating myriad opportunities, combating youth unemployment, bridging the skills gap and contributing their significant quota to the transformation of the economy of Ghana and Africa at large. Even more exciting is the global competiveness of these ideas and startups regardless of the daunting challenges and obstacles faced in their development.

Shortlisted from a comprehensive list of several groundbreaking and high growth startups by Ghanaians; these 100 startups have become or are on their way to becoming market leaders in their respective industries. Aiming to be globally competitive, these startups are leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of their vision. These are definitely the 100 Must Watch Globally Competitive Startups in Ghana from several sectors including but not limited to Agriculture, Finance & Investments, Fashion, Technology, Media, Entertainment, Manufacturing, Health, Education, Retail and e-Commerce, Energy and Social Enterprise.

Source: allAfrica (link opens in a new window)