11 Social Incubators in India That Are Helping Startups & Social Enterprises Transform Lives

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

While starting a for-profit business is no easy task, starting a social enterprise is tougher still. Lack of funds, knowledge resources, manpower… the hurdles are endless. These social incubators mentor, guide and advise entrepreneurs, helping them navigate the choppy waters of social entrepreneurship.

1. UnLtd India

The Indian arm of UK-based UnLtd, UnLtd India has helped create more than 12,000 jobs and has touched the lives of more than 1 million individuals through the initiatives they have supported. Their selection criteria includes the ability of the entrepreneur to deliver results and the potential social impact of the project. The organisation offers both financial and non-financial support, from inception to graduation of the a social enterprise.

You can learn more about the organisation here

2. Villgro

In the 14 years since their inception, Villgro has backed more than 109 innovators. Their initiatives have created more than 4000 employment opportunities and impacted 15 million lives. Primarily active in the four sectors of healthcare, education, agri-business and energy, Villgro shortlists candidates for incubation on the basis of the strength of the idea, the social impact it will create, the business feasibility as well as the scalability.

Learn more about Villgro and the services they offer here.

3. Action for India

Driven by the desire to bridge the gaps that keep social enterprises from reaching their potential, Action for India provides entrepreneurs with access to technology, mentorship, investors, government agencies, local partners and business development support. The organisation runs the annual Silicone Valley Challenge, winners of which are given the opportunity to spend 10 days in Silicon Valley, California engaging with leaders in technology and business. Action for India also offers a fellowship for social entrepreneurs.

Read more about the organisation on their website here.

Source: The Better India (link opens in a new window)

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