6 Business Models That Are Transforming Health Systems Around The World

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The new vision for health care isn’t just about access, quality and affordability. It’s also about social and financial inclusion. That was one of the key messages presented at last week’s Ashoka Future Forum, an event that brought together more than 400 innovators, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and members of the media to discuss potential solutions to pressing social challenges.

Michel Nischan, a leader in the sustainable food movement and a panelist in a session about “health for all” as the new norm, said that health care systems often treat patients as numbers instead of as people who would live better with the right resources. That statement was echoed today by President Barack Obama: “Quality care is not something that should be a privilege. It should be a right.”

With opportunities, and expectations, for better global health outcomes in mind, meet the six finalists in Ashoka Changemakers’ “Transforming Health Systems: Gamechanging Business Models” competition. These finalists were chosen by the competition’s expert panel of judges from more than 260 entries for their potential to “disrupt and transform health systems so that real value for patients, families, and communities are placed at the center of care.”

Source: Forbes (link opens in a new window)

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