7 Female Social Innovators Changing the World

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

By Michelle Wright

I’ve recently become interested in exploring the world’s present day social innovators and especially those female leaders that might be leading global social change and entrepreneurship.

The question of who our present day social innovators are is one that I’ve now posed to hundreds of social sector leaders across the charities and social enterprises that I come across and it’s been a question that depressingly, and at least in the UK, has seemed to leave people a bit stuck.

There is no doubt that we’re very good at championing our Victorian era heroines – the magnificent Octavia Hill – a vital force in social housing in the UK or America’s Jane Addams the social reformer who devoted her life to helping the urban poor.

We’re also undoubtedly good at looking after our entrepreneurial stars – JK Rowling, Martha Stewart or Oprah Winfrey trip of the tongue as commercially successful talents.

However, it’s been surprisingly difficult to uncover the present-day social innovators.

Source: The Next Women (link opens in a new window)