A Crowdfunding Site For High-Impact Solar Projects

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Lack of access to financing can keep many otherwise worthy solar energy projects from being built in poor and underserved areas, but a solar crowdfunding site is helping to connect individual investors with solar energy businesses and working to bring affordable solar energy to communities around the world.

In areas with limited to no access to reliable electricity, especially those with a lot of solar energy potential, the need for affordable renewable energy is great, but what’s lacking is the capital to build out these solar power projects. SunFunder has one solution, as their crowdfunding (or crowd investing) platform bridges the divide between the builders and the money necessary to make high-impact solar projects happen.

SunFunder, which allows individuals to invest as little as $10, partners with solar energy businesses and organizations that are already providing scalable and affordable solar solutions in underserved communities, and facilitates the fundraising and financing aspects of solar projects in these areas.

Source: Clean Technica (link opens in a new window)

crowdfunding, renewable energy, solar