Accenture, Mastercard and Amazon Web Services create blockchain powered circular supply chain

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

By Dale Benton

Accenture has partnered with Mastercard, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Everledger, and Mercy Corps to explore solutions that will “empower consumers, enable transparency and promote financial inclusion for small-scale producers” through a circular supply chain.

The circular supply chain model will enable greater sustainable best practice, drive empowerment and inform decision making to unlock innovation, create new channels of engagement and enhance brand reputation. It will combine blockchain, digital identity and payments technologies to allow customers to identify individual producers who use sustainable methods and financially reward them with a “tip” made by direct payment. The capability is also designed to enable producers, manufacturers and retailers to better manage their inventory and reduce waste; creating greater transparency across the supply chain; improving the authenticity of produce; and providing producers with more-equitable compensation for their produce by enabling consumers to reward them directly.

Photo courtesy of Christian Ditaputratama.

Source: Digital Supply Chain (link opens in a new window)

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