May 16

Across Europe, African Students Fight to Study After Ukraine Exit

Ademeta Esther Oluwafeyisayo has lost count of the number of university applications she has filled out since fleeing the war in Ukraine.

The 22-year-old Nigerian student found refuge in neighbouring Hungary on March 10, having escaped weeks of relentless shelling by Russian troops who had surrounded Sumy, the city in which she was studying medicine since 2021.

It had taken a year of tiresome double shifts for Oluwafeyisayo’s parents – a farmer and a food vendor respectively, in the southwestern Nigerian state of Ondo – to earn enough money to send their daughter to study abroad.

“I am my family’s hope,” she told Al Jazeera from Budapest.

But that hope is rapidly dissipating as Oluwafeyisayo struggles to find a scholarship before the temporary permit allowing her to stay in Hungary, expires in early June.

Photo courtesy of Brandon Oh.

Source: Aljazeera (link opens in a new window)

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