February 17

AFEX to Open Second Round of $240 Million Funding Series to Strengthen Africa’s Agro-Processors

AFEX, Nigeria’s leading commodities market player and the country’s first private sector commodities exchange, has announced the reopening of its $240m (₦100bn) Asset-Backed Commercial Paper (ABCP) to help stabilize Nigeria’s agriculture sector by offering Agro-processors low-cost financing to bridge the funding gap between lenders and borrowers.

This new funding, AFEX’s second in a three-year Commercial Paper program that started in Q4 2021, where $65m (₦27bn) was raised, seeks to raise an additional $175m (₦73bn) for processors unable to borrow in the commercial paper markets.

AFEX is improving the efficiency of commodity trading and enabling the broader capital market to tap into the African commodities sector. The ABCP is a short-term debt instrument typically providing investors with a competitive 15% return on their investment, and maturity is up to 270 days.

Photo courtesy of Micheile Henderson.

Source: Africa Business Communities (link opens in a new window)